Meet the Singers of Added Attraction
All four of of us in Added Attraction are members of the Pacific Coast Harmony Chorus. The pictures shown below were taken during a public performance which displays the passion that we feel when we perform before various groups. Actually when we perform, we enjoy ourselves so much that people ask what we are drinking out of our water bottles.

Ken Baker, our Lead singer, is a man with extensive musical talents. Ken grew up in Oregon and attended Portland State College where he majored in music with a minor in drama. He served a 26 year career in the United States Navy and was a Chief Data System Technician. Upon Ken's retirement from the Navy, he completed his MBA and became involved in non profit administration. Ken serves as the Secretary, section leader and assistant director of Pacific Coast Harmony. In addition, he has starred in musical theatre and plays both the piano and guitar.


James Watt, our Bass singer, hails from Chicago. He graduated from Iowa and has spent the majority of his life as a teacher of mathmatics. During the time that Jim spent as a teacher, he also coached basketball. Jim is the founding member of Added Attraction and is the only member of the quartet to have been in since the formation of our group. Jim enjoys biking, skiing, and travel. Jim is a very talented bass singer that creates a foundation in our characteristic sound.

Don Saba our Tenor received his early singing training in the Bismarck North Dakota High School Concert Choir. The Navy brought Don to San Diego as a young dentist. He started in Barbershop singing in 1993 with his first quartet called "One Good Looking Guy". Don used to sing Bass; however, after listening to the whine of a dentist drill during his professional life, he felt it might be best to sing in that same range.


Kerry Witkin our Baritone hails from Connecticut and moved to San Diego in 1977.  In 1994, he was introduced to Barbershop Harmony and has been trying to get the harmonies right ever since then.  Kerry also writes parodies, and introduces our repertoire with his own special twist.  When he is not singing with the guys, Kerry enjoys his work as a voice over actor and emcee,  All of these creative interests balance his serious side as President of The Private Banker, a financial management and consulting company located in Rancho Santa Fe, CA.